Saturday, 1 January 2011

Art Journal Journey Day One

I've had the cover of my journal completed for a couple of months, just haven't gotten any further *slap wrist* ;) I look at it and want to play but always something else gets in the way. I'm glad I've decided to take a step on this journey along with many many others :) thanks for the kick I need Julie :D

so for anyone who hasn't seen the cover I'll just run through it again

I've used an old old book for my journal, and glued 3-4 pages together and gesso over the top, sometimes I think I'll just paint straight over the words but whatever happens happens right

First Gessoed my cover

added a bit of felt trim, paint and some doodling

Now there's a little bit more paint, stamped with bubblewrap, a mask (green dots) some stenciling and paper

Added a little more paint and some stamping and a little bit of Prima stitched paper

Cover almost finished

Added my title, and heated the foam thickers with my heat gun to make them shrink and curl a bit.

 Little detail

First page, I think I'll make all my double page spreads :)
gesso and a smear of paint

few dollops of red paint on top 

trusty prima stamp loaded with paint :)

as it didn't fully fit down my pages I just added the ends of the stems up the top

Lastly a little doodling :)

Thanks for stopping by

I think I might go and add a little more doodling and words tonight :)



AngC said...

Looking good! I'm about to go and do some myself right now... LOL

Sar said...

You're so 'arty'...I just get scared! LOL!

miasmummy said...

Wowsers, Nic you make it look so easy. Just a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and it looks fantastic!! Happy New Year! x

runzalot81 said...

I've been considering an art journal for awhile and now I know why! I totally want to try one for myself :) Thanks for the inspiration.