Thursday, 30 December 2010

9 months has been and GONE

here's hoping that I can remember everything about 8-9 months

Weight: 9.2kg
Length: 73cm

- eats and eats and eats
- crawling like a mad man
- starting pulling himself up
- laughs at everything
- tries to play boo
- Still having boob 2-3 times a day
- isn't showing any signs of more teeth yet
- still has approx 3hr nap
- follows his brothers and sister around EVERYWHERE
- started feeding himself (not totally successful with a spoon)
- drinks from his cup
- still only says, mum, dad, bub
- started waving and clapping
- gets superly excited over the smallest of things,
- amazing, perfect, and I totally love this little dude

- forgotten most things :(



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Gorgeous Nic, he is way too grown up way too quick!! x