Sunday, 26 September 2010

Busy and sick

Had so many plans to get stuck into some assignments and scrapping over the weekend, but I ended up feeling pretty ordinary on Friday and ended up falling asleep on the lounge before 10pm . Saturday I woke up very BLAH, could hardly breathe again, felt sick, was hot and cold. Wasn't much fun at all, was in bed not long after the kids that night too. So my nights went down the drain to do anything.

Thankfully today I woke up feeling good :) and finally I've been able to get some scrapping done tonight, assignments again stay in the oops haven't done it pile. Need to get myself into gear and finish off my photography course, only have 5 months left. ekkkkk......

So tonight I've been speed scrapping and have 3 LO's finished, one I can share tomorrow the other two you're going to have to wait to see.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I try not to spend much time online, nicer to have a bit of family time :)


Debby said...

Feel better. Lots of illness going around, seems really early. Scrapping can wait.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh nic i am doing a photography online course too and have only a couple of months to go but i have only done the first assignment ahhh! i just cant get into it !!but i paid way too much money to not finish it LOL my hubby would be totally pissed if i didnt hehe!!
Good luck with yours xx

Felicity said...

:( at not being well. But so glad your feelin better now.
yes, the PC can share eat into family time. Go the speed scrapping.
Love that page below too :) x