Tuesday, 7 September 2010

6 Months

seriously there is NO WAY this boy can be 6 months right???????

played heaps with this photo, think Adam is looking a little green, hehehehe,

6 Months Stats

Weight: 7.9kg
Length: 68cm

Can't stop him eating, such a little piggy - two weetbix with a cup of apple for breakfast, yoghurt and and sandwich for lunch and the HUGEST bowl of meat and veg for tea.

Spends so much time in the walker, the only child that has liked it, lol. suppose it's good for him, follows the kids around, its fun

Trying to crawl, has been getting up on his hands and knees for the past week and just a few days ago he's started to rock and gets his feet on the ground and sort of bunny hops, very very funny to watch :) trying to tape him but it's not working.

Usually in bed by 7.30pm and wakes around 8am has turned out to be the best sleeper out of all four of the kids.

Laughs like there is no tomorrow

Loves his little teddy that goes with him in the car

Sits up everywhere, even in the trolley these days

still only rolling from belly to back.

Adores touching faces or scratching things so they make a noise.

Has the most unusual eyes, can't really pick what colour they are going to be, somedays they are looking brown, somedays blue and somedays they take on a green tinge. Suppose only time will tell.

I love this little bloke and he was the best surprise anyone could ever ask for



Ebony van der Starre said...

Hey Nic, just had to leave a comment and say HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!

Leanne said...

Omgosh! 6 months!!!? Hope all is well in your household...x