Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Kids can cook

My kids love all sorts of baking :) so I've decided that every week they can do something themselves
We've started off easy and just using packet mixes but still teaching them measuring skills and reading ingredients...... I stood back and watched and took photos, it was great fun and they didn't make much of a mess. I loved watching them and they just loved learning

Zac with his choice

Pouring the mixture in the bowl, yep my kids own their own tupperware :)

Measuring the water

Mixing it up

Taste test, yummmmmmmm

Concentration, they loved this part

Finished product and ready for the oven

Next it was onto the cake, Zac doing the greasing

Adding the milk

Cracking eggs, Char's job, and no shell either

Butter measuring, and taste testing AGAIN

Pouring in the batter :)

Dea doing his part

Yep they all know how to clean up afterwards

Zac with his final product,

Verdict, YUMMO


Debby said...

Such cute little faces. Great scrapbooking moments.

Felicity said...

that is CUTENESS plus... :) x

Leanne said...

hee hee!! How much fun did you have watching from the sidelines! I bet they were so proud with what they had made...x

Teegs said...

thats sooo cute love that they have there own stuff:)