Sunday, 11 July 2010

A whole lot of STUFF

Firstly if you want anther chance to win something check out SCRAP THE BOYS
Giveaway going until the 14th July.....

Secondly.... Party one went off really well, will upload some pics later in the week. The computer is throwing the biggest hissy fit. Was a nice quiet family affair. Heaps of food, and Char's awesome Butterfly cake.... went around telling everyone that she was going to eat the lantanas off it (licorice antenas) heheheheehe. too cute.
The fun one is going to be tomorrow. About 20ish kids here :) PLUS lots of fun party foods, thankfully it's only morning tea, but I'm sure it'll keep all the kids going for the rest of the day

Thirdly.... Adam was 4 months this week just gone :( will have to do an update on him, my boy is growing up way to quick. Has the most terrible dribble rash happening at the moment, and gnawing on EVERYTHING that he gets his hands on. Think there could be teeth on the way.

Fourthly.... I've scrapped :) but I've got no pics yet. oops. Use the Girl Kit from Bon's PLUS I'm teaching this month so you wanna go over and check that out, just make sure you're nice to me :D

Finally... I'm tired and I think I'll go to bed soon. Best go and do the dishes so it's one less thing to worry about. Yuck.

Well see ya all in a few days after I've wound down from it all

ohhhhh and a side note, you still have time to throw your hat into the draw for my chippy giveaway :D

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Leanne said...

Oh Nic! It sounds like it is all go, go, GO! at the moment. Hope that down time comes soon....x

ps - glad Char had a fun family party!!