Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Just a pictorial of Charlottes Parties, not many though, forgot to delete them all off the card before the second party so I never got many there :(

opening Lauras present :)

teaching Laura how to play Tinkerbell

Cake ONE

Zac wanting to do it himself



Zac's go

Three of the kids with my dad and my nan :)

Stuffing her face with cake

Cake TWO

Dea eating pig hair,


Leanne said...

Great photos! Love the sparkler one! Looks like she had a lovely two parties!!

Felicity said...

how gorgeous are those photos.
I LOVE that pig cake.. might have to think about for Brae down the track.

congrats on the KIU too :) x

Jolanda said...

what a beautiful pictures!!very nice.Have a good day,Jolanda

Catie said...

gorgeous cakes Nic! The kids look like they're very satisfied!