Wednesday, 28 July 2010

hmmmm OVER IT

stupid sickness, July has been horrible for us. grrrrr

I've got NOTHING new to show you all, been too out of it to even think about scrapping. That's bad isn't it?????

So apart from the horrid flu we all got, I ended up with a fever, aching body, bad headache and vomiting. feel sooooo lifeless and fatigued, even though I've been sleeping about 10hrs a night.

Starting to feel a little more normal at the moment so I'm hoping I can get everything caught up with over the next few days

Oh and to top it off, Zac hit Deacon in the head with one of the swings and busted his head open. Dash into the Ambulance yesterday to be told that yep it's split goooooooooooooooooood and needed to be glued up AGAIN. Tell you that boy is our problem child. Always in the wars.

anyway that's my pity party, lol



Sasha Holloway said...

Dang boo .. I hope you all are past ALL that. Sorry you been so down and under the weather and the Flu is NO JOKE. To top that all off you had an ambulance visit WOW. ..


Felicity said...

ooh... Nic.. wish Ilived near you, so I could help you out :(
How you feeling now?
Poor little Dea.. things I am looking forward to. (not!! hahaha)