Sunday, 20 June 2010

Fairy Princess

Her NEW fairy dress,

with her new Parasol (hmmmm I didn't have anything to do with that I SWEAR)

twirling, posing and having fun

Love this photo, love the vintage feel, but nearly died when I saw it cause OMG she looks like me when I was about the same age, (except I had darker hair)

adore this little happy face

spinning, twirling, sometimes fast, sometimes slow.

hahahahaha, such a card.

Yep she's a dag, full of fun and mischief. Think I might be scrapping one of these photos soon

hmmmm Maybe I already have ;)

Happy Happy Sunday


Tara said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaw those pics are gorgeous!!!

Loving seeing you update your blog heaps too. I'm usually too lazy to leave a comment lol.

Leanne said...

hee hee! What a beautiful dress!!

Maria said...

Those photos do have a lovely vintagy feel. Great photos.

Jolanda said...

ah,she is so sweet.very nice,love how little girls can be so happy with a fairy (or princess)dress.
She looks so happy,very beautiful!!
Beautiful pictueres!have a good sunday,Jolanda