Sunday, 9 May 2010

2 Months

WOW Adam is two months old already :(

He's going to be a slim jim like his big sister :)

- Weight 5.8kg
- Length 61cm

- chats non stop
- smiles at everyone and everything, just gorgeous too
- has had a couple of chuckles, sooo sweet
- only feeding about 5 times a day now
- sleeps well at night, usually 8hrs but has done upto 10hrs...
- has decided that he only needs to have one big sleep during the day usually 4 hrs straight.
- he's loved and adored by Char, Zac and Dea to no end. I love the way they are starting to interact with him, and he loves the attention.


Leanne said...

What a cutie!!

Kirsty said...

Oh he is precious! My fave part of having more than one child is the interactions (most of them anyways LOL) they have with each other!

Jodie said...

he is so gorgeous!! :)

Melinda said...

WOW 2 months already!!! What a little cutie he is!!:-)


Nay and Gilly said...

Sooooo cute! I started on the blanket don't worry Charlie (Renee's daughter) is still waiting on a quilt from her birthday in Sep, lol! Gilly ox

Belinda Lowe said...

They grow up way too fast

Ceci said...

Soooo cute. x

Marcy said...

gosh thats gone quick hes so bootiful you MUST be doing a good job happy mothers day for yesterday too :)

Melissa said...

He is just sooooooooo delish Nic! You sure do grow gorgeous kiddos!

Sharryn Thomson said...

Awww he is so cute Nic