Friday, 9 April 2010

share a bit of this and share a bit of that.

Bubba Boo - my nickname for Adam. Yummy yummy Websters the new Lullaby Lane collection

See this spunky owl button - new fabric from Kittyrobot and this little green button - the new petites

You Crack Me Up - LOVE Zac's crazy attitude, so much fun this kid. More Websters, a good mixture of the old and the new.

gorgeous little Kittyrobot Bee

It Must Be Love - the little boys first cuddles, oh so cute and I can't get over how big Dea looks in this photo, and yep EVEN more Websters, again the Lullaby Lane collection

Cuttttttte puppy button

Finally - Sandie's April Sketch at Bons, was so great when we finally got rain so we had some grass been way too long.

Just a couple of sneaks of some very very awesome Kittyrobot buttons.

Char fell in love with this girl <3

But I'm LOVING these roses and the petites

mmmmmm, have a photo printed out to go and play at the newly launched THE COLOR ROOM such a devine colour palette. Can't wait to play

Will be back tomorrow, have some Adam photos and an update on him, omg the boy is a month old.





they look great love it.. awesome awesome awesome kitty robots rool... love your pages!!

Giovanna said...

ah, the teasing is over!!! always a visual pleasure Nic xx

Tiff Sawyer said...

Wow, you are a scrapping steamroller, even with the new bub and all the concern for your DM, you are and amazing mummy, daughter, wife and friend, never forget this xx.

Felicity said...

wow STUnNING miss Nic, you sure can churn out the gorgeous LO :) xx

amanda73 said...

omg what stunning LOs, love them all, and love what youve done with these websters pages, definitely alot of inspiration i can get from these, and love those fabric buttons, just yummo work

Catie said...

Incredible, as always! LOVE the Bubba Boo LO! Love them all, they're all so gosh darn FABULOUS!!!

Rachel said...

These LOs all look fabulous and all those buttons are just too cute!! I need some of them! :)

Leanne said...

OMGosh Adam is so cute!! Beautiful lo's.

LIly'sMummy said...

Love your work Nicole! Can never pick a favourite! Love them all!

Jodie said...

love them nic, as always! :D