Monday, 22 March 2010


One of the flowers I got in hospital :)

Charlottes baby frog

Mr Dea likes to help out

The Poser

Forever with his mouth open.

Teeny Tiny Toes


Nan having her first cuddles of her newest Great Grandchild

Bro's Girlfriend Laura playing with Zac, we all think that Zac thinks Laura is his girlfriend, LOVES her

Mum and Dad. Both don't like their photos taken, one to be cherished.

He is his fathers son. OMG baby Luke hehehehehe



Felicity said...

GREAT photos.. Adam is soo ADORBALE :)

KimA said...

Congrats Nic - he is adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pics - love the little frog one. Take care x

kerry said...

Very cute pics and he has grown so much allreday.Love the feet pics.Take care Kerry xx


great shots as always nic.. love the one of charlotte posing.. how spunky is wee adam..

huge massive cyber hugs babe!!


Melinda said...

How cute are these photos!! Your newest little man is sooo cute!!

Take care :-)

Catie said...

Beautiful photos Nic... lots of precious memories to treasure xo

Crystal Bowman said...

YAY about time! HE is adorable!!!

Leanne said...

How gorgeous! Congrats again Nic! I'm amazed you've managed to keep up with the photo a day. But you do have gorgeous little subjects to photograph!!

Stacey Young said...

Your family is soooo precious Nic, you must be so proud....the pics are so cute:)

BabyBokChoy said...

congrats congrats again!! such lovely photos

Donna Heart said...

i'm sorry i dont get to comment often! you know how it is finding time in between all the other things! but just wanted to let you know i do pop in regularly to see how you're going! Love the froggie photo! and the little man is beautiful!

Rbarakat said...

Awww he is beautiful!!! Congrats!What a wonderful addition to your already beautiful family!!!

Marcy said...

oh I am so excited to see such a happy family! Adam is precious, and your photos so special! I hope everything is going along okay for you all as you get used to life just a little bit fuller! LOL I am awfully worried for that frog though, it appears it may be at risk of being loved to death!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovin all your pics Nic, hope all is well with you, little man and the rest of the fam and that you are able to rest up a bit and maybe squeeze in some creativity somewhere too xx.

Jodie said...

aww love the pics, such a cute little bunch of kids you have nic!

Anonymous said...