Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Scraps, photos, loves and hospital


Five Minutes More - this is my 5 minutes. Cute Resin KR Button. Lift Bon Challenge from Game On

After the Rain - Playing in the puddles. Using some of my chippy from Scrapware. Feb Sketch at Bon's

Not Cheeky Much? - Mr Man is full of cheek. Game On Challenge

Room for One More - love this photo of my dad and the kids. Paper of the Month at Bons

Girlie Time - playing Barbies with Char, love this fabric KR button

You Don't Smile - Luke won't smile in photos, Game On Challenge, Kittyrobot Button, new Scrapware

Hmmm sneaky sneaky. Keep an eye out for this coming up soon


4th February 2010 - usually start everyday with my bowl of cereal.

5th February 2010 - 27 Weeks Pregnant

6th February 2010 - Love the look of this. Been waiting and hoping for so long for some decent rain.

7th February 2010 - Mr Dea the wet shag. He loves to play outside in the rain.

8th February 2010 - Kids make their own toast everyday

9th February 2010 - Right now we have millions of butterflies around our place. It's gorgeous to see


Watching the kids watch Playschool.

All the Beautiful Butterflies

Playing Girlie things with Charlotte

Looking at these nappies on the clothsline

Finding my creative groove, have to thank all the girls at Bons for the fabulous challenges for that one, xx


The poor little man took a stack this morning off his bike, decided he wanted to be the next Crusty Demon and rode clean off the top of our steps.
One Free ride in the Ambulance and some glue on his head later we were home again where he kept on being Mr Mischief. The photos don't actually show how much damage he did to his head.
Nice HUGE egg and a deep gash.

Well that's it for the massive post.

Have antenatal tomorrow, see how this bubba is going, lots of back and belly aches so maybe something is happening, LOL I wish.



Stacey Young said...

Oh no, poor little man!! Boys will be boys:) You are looking so great, not too much longer to go:) My kids just love Playschool too and the playing in the rain:) Love all the layouts, my fave is "Not Cheeky Much", I am a sucker for Prima pp and the colours:) Take care Nic:)

Leanne said...

Ouch!!! Poor boy!! How's he feeling today....and how's your blood pressure after that one? :)

Your lo's are stunning as always. I love the "room for one more" lo.

Felicity said...

poor lil Dea.. lol at the next crusty demon, I can remember my brother trying to abseil off the veranda. :( haha
Your sure a busy, super mum, doing everything you do and creating the MOST stunning LO's :) x

Linda said...

Awwww...poor lil Dea :(
Hope he doesn't do that too often, Nic :-0

Good luck with your antenatal today....hope things are starting to "happen" for you! :)

Heather said...

Poor little guy! Glad to hear he's going to be fine!
Your in the final stretch now...the count down is on! Stay healthy.

Jodie said...

wow you have been busy!!
and your poor boy!
so many awesome layouts,
love them all as always though

Tanya Tahir said...

owww poor boy!! Love all your layouts here - gorgeous work Nic!!!

Inkredible Stamps & Scrapbooks said...

Love your layouts! Tamara

Kathleen said...

Wow wow WOW!!! You weren't kidding when u said u'd been busy, lol. Firstly, love love the LO's, especially that one with the masked scallop frame, how you've painted rather than misted, stealing that one for sure :D

And next, eeek!! Poor little guy, what a stack it must've been! I had a heart attacked when Clay slit his chin open on the edge of the bath, can't imagine the panic you must've been in!