Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Around the Ridges.

2 February 2010 - Home after the rain all up we have had a bit over 10 inches.

Down in front of our house, after most of the water had subsided. Was up to the corner, and nearly to our driveway.

Our Middle dam, it was by-washing two ways  :)

Kids found a little water fall. PMSL, had to come home and get me so I could take photos.

Poor Dea after he face planted the first time. Second he fell right into the water, clever boy and pushed himself straight back up, coughed and kept playing

Gus - my dad's dog, photogenic thing he is.

3 February 2010 - On our way to Rocky, bits of Marmor, Bajool, and Rocky in here.
Here yesterday was full of water, Luke said it was just like a lake and over the road too.

You can see the amount that the water has dropped in this photo

I'll be back tomorrow with my mini album :)


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Linda said...

Wow, these are all fantastic Nic! I love the little waterfall one :)That's great that you've had a decent amount of rain...wonder if any of it will venture down my way? Soooo dry here - it's awful :)