Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Photo Catch Up :)

Just catching up on my daily pics. Surprising I haven't missed a day's photo yet :D

Just being outside is nice - 17 January 2010

Mud Racer (nearly finished) - 18 January 2010

Just Dirt Play - 19 January 2010

My Summer Foot Wear (lol) - 20 January 2010

Yellow nails in the sand (gotta love my swollen piggy looking feet and toes though) - 21 January 2010

35 Weeks - 22 January 2010

Riding and a cuppa - 23 January 2010

Yard Work - 24th January 2010

Water Play - 25 January 2010

Just a couple of extra randoms.......
Space Before - Yep it was a hideous mess. Just been pulling everything out and just scrapping at the dining table and not putting away.

Space After - Looks alot better and I've even managed to complete 3 Layouts and it's still looking like this ahhhhhhhhhh, hope it keeps up. Plus I managed to get some pretties on the wall too.

Yummo food - nothing beats fruit salad.

I'll leave you with this as it's a bit of a photo overload right now
Have a couple of things to share scrapping wise might come back and do that tomorrow.



Linda said...

Love all your pics, Nic!
How cute are all the water play ones!?!?! And I love the one on the motobikes with their training wheels. Your little boy looks gorgeous in all his riding gear :)

Leanne said...

hee hee! love the pic with the training wheels on the motorbikes!!!

Tanya said...

Awesome photos as always. I like your scrap space!!