Tuesday, 5 January 2010

OMG just how cute is this

Luke just busted Charlotte and Zac doing this playing hairdressers, luckily this time they didn't have real scissors. Just finger scissors. LOL

Don't you love when the kids actually play nicely together

And the little man had the HUGEST of sleeps, 5hrs........ must have been tired from yesterday and yep he will go down about his normal time and sleep through. I ended up going in and waking him up, don't like doing that though, but it was starting to get late and I was starting to get a little worried.

Kids are ready for bath time now, and then bed and mummy time




oh no .. lol really cute..cant wait to see that page..

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pics. Wow what a huge sleep - I miss those days

kerry said...

Great pics love them all

Bree said...

Yes it is great when the kids play well together :) makes life so much easier!! Love your chatty busy blog :)

Felicity said...

soo cute, lucky it was hand sissors. haha
:) x