Friday, 18 December 2009

Scrapping, baking, new life, and belly

A few things to show, not overly happy with most of my scrapping at the moment, all looking a little blah to me. I did manage to play around at the Savvy crop :)

2gether 4eva? - This was for Sar's Blind Scrap challenge, added a little extra and twiddled with it a bit.  Char with Teddy again. She really really loves him.

2009 Faves - Kerryns' Challenge needed atleast 9 photos' of this years Layouts. a few of my favourite layouts from the year. Love how they are all different styles and different sizes too

Daydream Believer - Felicity's first class (which was fabulous) over at Bon's

From 3-14 Months - Another from the Savvy Crop, this is Kayla's Challenge, needed to do a photo a month with jounalling.  How much has the little man grown and changed over tthese past 12 months. He is such a little boy now

See this mag?????
Well inside there is this - my first US Creating Keepsakes publication :)

This is what Dea looks like when he helps me bake, and yep HAS to sit on the counter too. so far this Christmas Season we have made - gingerbread, shortbread, Bailey's rocky road fudge, Choc Cherry Fudge, apricot balls, Reindeer Cupcakes, ummmm and I can't think of the rest.

Beauty in the birth of calves. I'm still yet to witness a birth, kids have seen about 3 so far, but I did manage to get these 'fresh' pics. So incredible, within 15 minutes the calf was standing and sucking and today I've seen it running around with the other calves. Life is amazing.

Kids loved watching the new calf :)

Last but not least, my 30 week belly, I'm still wondering where bub could be and if he/she is doing ok. Hopefully I'll have a lovely sized bubba :)

I'm hoping to get a little creative over the weekend going to have a go at the crop at Bon's......

Have a fabulous weekend



Tara said...

wow, you have been busy, busy, busy lol... love the page on dea 3 -14 months! i have tried to do pages like that but can never make them work...

Pics of the kids are gorgeous!! cant quite beleive how much Dea has changed, he really looks like a little boy, not a bubba!!!

Wow.. still no belly... I would have loved to have a little bubba though, mine were all monsters!! i'm sure you will be huge before you know it..

Leanne said...

Yummm! Those recipes sound delish! Especially the Bailey's Rocky Road Fudge!!

Baby (whirlwind) belly looks fab! Are you on the countdown yet?! hee hee..

And a huge congrats on the publication!!!

Ali said...

love your recent layouts! so bright and fun!! Oh my gosh - Dea has changed so much!! and woah - you have no baby belly!! xx

Anonymous said...

I think you are pulling our legs Nic, your 30 week BB looks in better shape than my normal one hehe, loving your fav designs and CONGRATS ON CK USA, whoa, what an awesome achievement!!!!!

Ponyo said...

Hi, your works are really adorable!! I love all of them!!!
Your children are SOOOO cute too!!!

Can't wait to see your layouts with your new coming family!

Tara said...

lol hi again... u know i really love that pic of char and dea in the top LO...<3

Wendy Smith said...

these are divine layouts...I love love love them.

You so dont even look preggers..lucky girl

Sue said...

busy, busy, you certainly dont have the usual pregnancy induced mojo loss.
I have seen a few calves being born, pretty awesome to see.

Monique said...

Oh my goodness, Nic - I was massive at 30 weeks!!! LOL!
I'm sure everything is fine though - lucky you don't have much in this blerky heat!!

Deb said...

Love those gorgeous pics of your little boy helping with the cooking :) Gorgeous LOs too

Mal said...

gorgeous pics!

and I am 26 weeks and about 4 times bigger than don't worry!

Heather said...

Congrats on the publication!

Charmane said...

Gorgeous pages Nic!!! Love your baby bump! and wow Chei would LOVE to see a baby calf {animal lover!}

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love Charmane

Charmane said...

ohhh and congrats on your CK publication too!!! wahooo!!!

Ceci said...

Congrats on being in Creating Keepsakes! Love all your family photos. :)

Michelle Jamieson said...

Haven't you been busy???

I can't believe how little that belly is??
Maybe it's a petite little pink one??? ;)

Have a great Christmas and New Year, hunny bun!!

Chelle Xx

Anonymous said...

Just hopping over from Bons ♥

Look at how busy you've been! Nice to see your blog .. it'll be added to my faves now ;)

Melinda said...

WOW Nicole you have been very busy and I love the photos of your littlelies!! They are gorgeous!! And my your belly at 30 weeks looks like mine did at 20!!! Lucky you!!
Merry Christmas to you and your family
xx :-)

Tanya said...

Wow Nic, I love all of what you do and these pages are no exception! Congrats on US CK - that is awesome news. Your 30 week belly sure is in better shape than mine normally. You are looking really well and I'm sure bubs is fine xx

LuvLoz said...

Love the idea of putting your favourite LO's an a LO of their own!

BabyBokChoy said...

Congrats on the awesome pub and you always have so many wonderful layouts to share every time you post, I really enjoy it!