Friday, 4 December 2009

28 Weeks, Chirstmas is coming and some other shares

Her Best Friend, Char LOVES teddy, she will not go anywhere in the car without him and has to have him to sleep with. Mixing up a little Websters with some Basic Grey..... oh and see that big viney thing made it, while it took a little while to do I quiet like how it has turned out.

Santa Doesn't Love Naughty Boys - Zac has the most foul attitude right now. If he's not happy he will point his finger right at you and continuously yell NO...... Some Pink Paislee

Kids having fun decorating the tree on Tuesday :)

Bump at 28 Weeks

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I think we have found a car too, going for a Territory now.... been told that you can't legally put car seats in the far back of Patrols or Cruisers so there's not much else we can drive......


Wendy Smith said...

gorgeous layouts!

You cannot seriously be 28weeks...where is the BUMP! I can only dream to look like that not pregnant...LOL

Leanne said...

Hope you are well! Good luck with finding the right car.. :) I know what a chore that can be.. LOL!

Binxcat1 said...

jez... woman MY "bump" is bigger... and mine are OUT! LOL ;)

LOVE the "viney thing"... made it with what may I ask????

Love your work as ever... and thanks for teh email the other day... PMSL @ you... I was in denial for a few weeks too... but it was real and there WAS 2 in there!!!

Binxcat1 said...

oh and really? About the back back seats? you can't drill holes and have anchor points installed? I guess all of your little darlings will still be in car seats. We have a Land Rover Disco... the babes are in the middle and the two girls in the back back... but they only have booster seats... But I think one of them may have to go back into a proper car seat with the new rules ???? Must find that out.

jodie said...

love the layout and those kids look adorable doing the tree!! :)

your bump is defiantly hiding away! lol

bronnyk said...

Love the photos of the kids decorating the tree, especially with chrissy hats and all!!!!