Friday, 27 November 2009

Webster's Wrap up plus a where's my bubba hiding photo

In no particular order here are my final few projects from the Webster's Crop

This was inspired by Karola's fantastic challenge

This challenge was from Amy Tara - Gift bag and tag (was too lazy to upload my tag - sorry)

This was also inspired by Amy Tara, she created a fabulous Tussy Mussy but I had no cone to create my own so I went with this....

This was a 3 way's challenge inspired by Terri - needed to use one design of paper and complete 3 projects, I've actually got one more layout on my desk that has also come from this ONE single piece of paper.

Hilde was the inspiration for this countdown calendar - her's is spectacular.

This was suppose to be a snowflake but I didn't really want to go for that so I hand cut all my circles, and afterwards I realised I had a packet of those collections ones, grrrr could have saved myself AGES. This was inspired by Audrey

I really enjoyed all of the challenges and surprised myself by actually completing all of them :) Good news to come out of the crop, I won Day 2, a couple of my projects were featured in the gallery and I managed this too

how awesome is that?????

also want to say thanks to everyone who left congrats on my blog over our big news xxx

Finally what you all have been waiting for my non bump, yep 27 weeks today and surprised that there is nothing there. Was HUGE at this time with Dea.

Hope your weekend is a good one


edited to add: just read this incredible post on Jess's blog, please check it out and make sure you don't use this catering service


Tenaha Wilson said...

Wow Nicole - your work is amamzing. It has been so much fun meeting you and seeing all the amazing work you and the other girls have been doing.

Big congrats on the pregancy!

Tenaha ;)

Mam'zelle M. said...

All yours projects are beautiful...
I love the colours and your take...
(excuse me for my english...)Bye...

jess said...

Your art work is gorgeous and so much detail and work is put into it! I love it!!!
I cant believe your tummy (or lack there of!!) How lucky are you!!!
Would love to hear more about how you found out you were pregnant etc! I cant believe you didn't know for so long! How lucky are you! Its going to feel like the worlds fastest pregnancy! Unlike mine! I found out at 5 weeks due to feeling so YUCK!
Thanks for the link to my blog! So dont want anyone elso to use that company & have the same thing happen to them!!!
Xx Jess
Xx JEss

Tara said...

ahhh how friggen skinny are you!! jealous much lol..
I'm sure you will pop out soon though, i bet its a dainty little girl hiding in there... :)

love all your scrapping stuff too, cant get over how much motivation you have!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Oh, wow, Nicole! A big congrats to you, Girl! What wonderful news!
And all your Webster's projects absolutely blow me away! I'm so glad you were so inspired by the Christmas Crop. It really was a lot of fun to do.

Sue said...

Wow, congrats on the awesome sure dont look pregnant. Bet you are super excited.
Your scrapping is stunning as per usual.

Binxcat1 said...

hooooooooooooley doooooley woman!!! So you are entering the crazy woman with 4 or more realm with me, huh????! LOL ;) HUGE CONGRATS chickie... I'm with Jess... do tell more???? ;) Loing your work btw... just AWESOMER (I know, that's not a word!) than ever!!!!