Sunday, 25 October 2009

Oh Happydays :)

Little Mister Dea took his first couple of steps and at the best of times, lol, had the camera pointing at him. Was about 6 in total. Was so surprised that I nearly forgot to even click.

Transparent butterfly wings :)

Home right now, gosh we really need some rain, Georgia this is for you after our chat the other night about where I live, thought you needed to see a pic to understand just how bad it is here. You really don't win the worst location fight. LOL

Flowers I made for a flower swap over at The Boxx

and finally to make sense of the post title :)

Happydays Wall Hanger - challenge from Inspire Me just a reminder to myself that I should try and live each and everyday as a happyday, hence the month/year journalling card and the weekly jounalling card

So that's it from me :)



georgia said...

geez that looks dry for the end of summer, let alone the start! i hope you get some relief soon.

and go D!! what a clever chappie and he looks so proud of himself :-)

love the wall hanging, u r a bit clever yourself roound the edges xx

Tara said...
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Tara said...

Woohoo go Dea go!!!

How cute is that little skinny belly, omg Zayne's is huge compared to Dea's.... He is such a little porker!

!!Whoops didnt read your post properly so deleted my comment....DIdn't want to look like a dill lol.. Hope you get some rain soon!

Stacey Young said...

Your wall hanger is just stunning Nic!!

Woo hoo, way to go Dea and look how proud he is of himself!!! I can't wait for Kobi's first steps (although I think they are way off):)

Hope we get some rain too soon, everywhere around here is so dry too, I could only imagine how dry your property is!

Felicity said...

how clever is Dea and great that you had the camera handy.
Its very dry there Nic. Dryer than us. :(
Love the wall hanger too.

Manon Keir said...

How lucky are you to get the first walking in pictures, awesome!!! The wall hanger is such a great idea, love it :)

jodie said...

woohoo at the first steps!!

Aga said...

Aww such cute pics of Dea :) and wow I am in love with your flowers and seriously wish I was part of that swap!!!
Take care
Aga xx