Monday, 12 October 2009

more Creativeness

What A Welcome - While it looks like the typical welcome baby page this is actually about what a crappy start Dea had in the first few minutes of being 'out'. This is also for White With 1 :)


Playing Mud Bash - Zac is ADDICTED to racing cars well any motorsport really and he's taken to mud racing since Luke started to race. Everything is 'me do mud bashing'. lol.Totally inspired by Stacey Young too :) thanks chicky.


Testing Water - Dea having his first paddle


Little Sneak of something I've been working on :)


Well that's been my creativity for the moment

Thanks for stopping by



Kathleen said...

Awww, an adorable page on Dea! Even if he is a little blue, lol ;) Poor sweet, glad everything turned out ok :)

LOVE that Mudbash page, my gosh so much to look at! Stacey is very inspiring.

I've got photos of Clay his first time at the beach, I'm so gonna steal that title!! Love that arrow too, yummo!


Krissy Christie said...

Wow stunning work Nicole!Im a massive fan of Stace's work too :D

Krissy xx

Stacey Young said...

Hey Nic, wow, now look at Dea, he's the big 1! Gorgeous little fella!

You know what, when I first saw that page I thought cool, this looks like something I would do!!! HEhehe:) Love it:)

Have a great week!

Georgia Keays said...

you are so back :-) awesome and inspiring - as always....

Felicity said...

its great seeing some of yo Nic, super inspiring!!
Cant belive Dea is 1!! time sure has gone quick.

Sarah Lou said...

Wow these are great!! I just adore these lay outs!

Ruth said...

mmmm..mmm... Lovely Prima papers for the Lets get Shabby challenge and nice to see a hand stamped title in there too.
Thanks for playing with us:)

ps: Love you other layouts too!!