Sunday, 4 October 2009

Beachy share :)

Finally able to share something as my other LO's were accepted before I even had a chance to publish my blog post :)

A surprising double from me. I took sooooooo many photos when we went to the beach..... love the colours in this.

Yep more of our day at the beach. love this photo of Luke taking Dea into the water. Satuated the colours ALOT, just for something different, I very rarely edit my photos.

a little something I've been working on today, and unfortunately you won't see the finished product for sometime yet :( there might be a few other things I'll be able to show soon though so keep a look out.

finally we celebrated Dea's first birthday today, I'll be back later on with some pics and a few little Dea details.



Sandra D said...

wow - so beautiful. Love your work.

miasmummy said...

Beautiful LO's Nic, the scrapping break did you no harm, they are delicious!! lol!! Can't believe Dea is one, I can remember when he was born. I intensely wished that my baby was born too,I could hardly stand the wait although it was way too early for her! Can't wait to see the pics!

Stacey Young said...

Gorgeous work again Nic, I am working on my 1ST double atm!!! Woohoo, they are fun! Happy birthday to Dea! hope he had a wonderful day:)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I'm LOVIN that double, can I lift that? It's bloody awesome!!! What I love most is the little photos and all the white space yet loads of colour, fabulous :o)

Georgia Keays said...

love them both, but especially the double. so good to have you back :-)

Nic said...

Firstly.. happy birthday to Dea!! Didn't that year fly by... and loving that you're back with shares.. the beach double is unreal Nic!!!

Scrapsister said...

I saw your double at 2 Peas Nic and it is amazing. Well done! I'm sorry you are not my SM shortlist buddy this year :( I understand why you didn't enter but it is a're always a star anyway Chicky :)