Sunday, 2 August 2009

What a boring week

Nothing new creative wise, I've been too flat out cleaning and cooking

We're suffering a HUGE mouse plague here at the moment, I really don't want to know how many mice we've gotten rid of lately, is right up there. I know of a few places up near Luke's parents who catch 40 or so each night. ekkkkk. ok ours isn't that bad but this week alone you'd need more fingers than our household to count them all.

So this past week I've gone through every room and given them a full clean down. Walls, windows, pulled everything out, wiped everything down. When we haven't been cleaning we've been cooking. Biscuits, pies, cakes everything you can think of. And man I'm buggered.

Had some bad nights sleep thrown in too so I'm guessing that hasn't helped. Between Dea waking and trying to get Zac to sleep in his own bed, I know this is something that we should have knocked on the head when it started about 4 months ago but it was just easier to let him get in and sleep than fight. Now he has started climbing in about 10pm and it's getting too much. I just want my bed back.

I have a few deadlines that need to be hit, sooooo I'm guessing that I'm going to have to spend a few nights out in my room scrapping. Can't seem to do anything during the day anymore, plus it eats into play time with the kids too, and that's just way too fun to miss out on.

finally on a side note, check out this mag

I have something in there this issue :)

Better keep going. the washing machine is calling.



Stacey Young said...

Hi Nic, you sound just like me and my boys! Cooper just jumps in bed with us when he wakes generally around 1am, I usually put him back in his bed though when he is back to sleep and I agree it's better than the fight. Then Kobi last night was awake for 2 hours just for the hell of it, he has never done that before. I has been waking though but I normally just have to give him a quick cuddle. So I'm feeling ya, your not alone!! xx

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Nic, at least you don't have a single bed in your bedroom next to your bed (well at least I don't think you do hehe) and guess who gets the single bed while DS sleeps next to Daddy? There is always someone worse off hehe. Must admit, I don't have any mice though, so I'm grateful for that. I've heard they love pumpkin seeds if you are using traps. Keep smiling sweetie, you are doing an amazing job of everything, Tiff xx.

Aga said...

well I hope that next week is better for you Nic!! and good luck with the mouse situation - eek they kind of freak me out :0

and if you are still interested, I do happen to have a few spare yellow flower pots and I'd be more than happy to send one your way :) so email me your addy.
Aga xx

Felicity said...

Life sure does get in the way at times, but as you said, Play time with the kids is fun!
Hope things settle with Zac soon in his own bed.
Thanks so much for the congrats on welcoming Brae.
Love all your photos and wtg with the new camera!