Saturday, 25 July 2009

Ahhh what to say

First off BIGGEST CONGRATULATIONS to Felicity and Brett on the birth of their baby boy Brae Noah, how gorgeous is that name. stop over at her blog and extend your congratulations to the happy new family.

and secondly I brought a new camera today :) Canon 50D with a 18-200mm lense and a 1.4 50mm fixed, :-) yeah baby she is the bomb. Love it already. And the lenses, totally worth the extra $$$...........

I'll come back and update later, like tomorrow (going out tonight), just wanted to share the two pieces of exciting news with you all.

Hope the weekend is a good one.



Anonymous said...

Hiya cherry cream pie with sugar on top, it's sooooo good to be able to get back on here when I feel like it, was like goin without chocolate, was killin me. WOWSERS, I've wanted one of those cameras for ages, if I end up getting one, will be great as I can hit you up for some much needed advice on what to do LOL!!! Have fun playin sweetie, Tiff xx.

Kathleen said...

Oh you didnt tell me this!!!! Sooooooo jealous!!! I got my 450D 2 years ago, hubby say's I've got buckleys of getting the 50D atm....but Im working on him!