Monday, 13 July 2009

9 Months and 4 Years

This past week has shown some milestones.

We will start off with Mr Dea who is now


Weight: 11.8kg
Length: ???
Claps at something that is exciting him now
Is down to 5 breastfeeds a day, but still waking up to twice a night. Slept through the other night til 8.30am, trust me I was starting to get worried.
Eats all day, still loving everything he see's us eating.
Laughs and laughs at Char and Zac
Loves playing boo
Loves pulling himself up, and will now walk when you are holding his hands,
Not interested in crawling or cruising around the furniture.
Chases the kids around the house, and even tries to follow them out the door
Does motorbike hands while making a brummm noise, also does this while pushing cars around the floor
Still not talking.
Had his first beaters the other day, pics below
has some pretty crazy babble he does.
is loved and adored, and I just can't believe how big he is getting

Charlotte turned 4 on the weekend, OMG I have a four year old

Weight 15.2kg
Height: 108cm

Can write part of her name
Can spell her name
Does the alphabet
counts to 30+
Knows all colours
Knows too much about the land, animals and machinery
Still loves her Teddy and will not sleep without him
Has her own computer which she ADORES, knows how to turn it on, plug it in etc etc.
Comes up with the funniest of sayings.
Mothers Zac and Dea
Knows our address, her full name and phone number
Reads some books, loves being read too aswell
loves Art, painting, scrapping, drawing, colouring
loves singing and dancing.
Is loved and adored by everyone who meets her.

Just a couple of happy snaps of Mr Zac :)
Zac as Prince ladybug........

and as a cute Captain Jack

As for everything else, I've scrapped just need to get some pics of that, I've been studying HEAPS, which has taken away my scrapping time at the moment, only anther 7 assignments to do :) aiming for High Distinctions for the remaining as that's what I've achieved so far. So happy about that, makes all this worthwhile. Will be even better if it helps me getting into Uni.

Well that's about it for the moment, I'll try and make sure I won't leave it so long between posts



scrapbook CAPITAL said...

gorgeous photos Nic and good luck with the rest of the studying

Leanne said...

It happens WAY to fast, doesn't it! Great pics...Love the ladybug costume! hehehe...