Monday, 1 June 2009

Tags and stuff

Been tagged again by Sue and Michelle

This one is from Sue

And this is from Chelle
I have to answer these questions and then tag 8 other bloggers, so here goes.....

8 Things I Look Forward To.

1. Some quiet time to myself
2. Sunday Night teas at my parents
3. Going away
4. Kids birthdays :)
5. Watching the kids develop and grow
6. Dea sleeping through the night, lol
7. Spending time with just Luke
8. Finally meeting some of the lovely people I've met online

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Washed clothes, sheets and towels
2. Finished a layout that's been sitting on my bench for two weeks
3. Housework
4. Updated my blog
5. Spent time checking out the new EMBELLISHED site
6. Chatted with a few friends
7. Slept in til 8.30am
8. Watched Rove

8 Things I wish I could Do.

1. Buy a house
2. Finish my Teacher Aide course
3. Have a holiday
4. Have a tidy house
5. Have a very organised Scrap space
6. cook more often
7. Smack the government for putting our power/rego up AGAIN.
8. Get rid of this flu that's been lingering for over 3 weeks now.

8 Things Or Shows I've Watched Lately.

1. Rove
2. Playschool
3. The View
4. Finding Nemo
5. V8's
6. Greys
7. Private Practice
8. News

and here are the 8 blogs I am tagging....


as for some questions I've been asked lately

Sue - the rainbow paper is Sassafras Lass - Anthem
Leanne - Where I was teaching is about an hours drive from my place
Ali - CCG challenges are due on the Sunday at midnight which for us is about 5pm Monday

I know I did promise to show a few LO's but seeing as some have already been picked up by mags, I can't :(

Working of a couple more things which hopefully will be finished over the next few days



Anonymous said...

Are you for REAL? Haven't been on here in too long (about a week LOL) and then I see my name in lights, you are too cool for school girlfriend, THANKS HEAPS NIC MWAH!!!!!!! Tiff :o)

miasmummy said...

Thanks sweet, missed this weeks anyway!! Sick kids and sick me!! xx