Friday, 12 June 2009

Don't you love Selfies and colour combos

#125 Colours

My take, photo of my cousin, taken by my brother a couple of weekends ago. They went up to a bike park outside of Rocky for some dirt action.

Me and Char fooling with the camera, sad that the only photos we get together are the ones we take together.

OMG, how COLD is it. It must have gone below 0 this morning, was only 3 degrees C at 8am and feels like it's not much better now, lol well I checked it's 16. I'm such a cold sook.

I'm hoping to get some scrapping done over the weekend, been so lazy at night, just curling up on the lounge watching the TV and the kids just haven't been good at going to bed lately either, 10.30pm, way too late to start anything. Lets hope I get some night hours in.

Hope you all have a fab weekend, let me know what your plans are???



scrapwitch said...

bloody freezing here too

send me some of ur mojo gorgeous

Tara said...

Great pages!! Wish I could get some mojo back :-(
Am hoping to scrap this weekend, but the cold stops my fingers working at my desk!! We have minus 2 degrees here overnight and maximums of 11 during the day.. And it hasnt even got really cold yet!

Scary about the boys being almost 1isnt it.. it has gone waaay too fast this time. Im also hoping he settles, and hope for you Dea settles during the day!! :-D

Have a great weekend. Think we will actually head to the snow if it falls over the weekend...

Anonymous said...

these layouts are awesome... cant wait to get to know you better over at SUZIBLUs class

(im as crapbooker too)

I am... said...

the cold weather is sucking, its so cold at night, but the days in the sun is nice and warm - thankfully!!!

cuuuute selfie pics of u and ur cuute daughter <3

BabyBokChoy said...

some kicking bootay layouts!! Seriously, is it cold?? zero degrees celsius? think on the bright side, I live in zero degree fahreinheit during my winter, ya!! you have it easy! LOL!

Wendy Smith said...

these are fab fab your work Nic..

Anonymous said...

I really must get back to CCG one day, I did 20 odd in a row and then found it hard to keep up with all the challenges I was doing, but I will get back there again soon, Tiff :o) PS love that action dirt bike LO and you and Char together, sweet as xx.