Friday, 5 June 2009

8 Months

That time again Deacon is now 8 months old

Weight: 11kg
Length: 77cm

Getting very fast by scruffing around on his bottom
Still loving to eat anything, our food especially
LOVES his bath, infact he is the last out each night
Is biting, as soon as I pick him up he will bite my shoulder and I busted him yesterday trying to bite Charlotte
Is still waking once a night for a feed, sometimes it's twice.
Has been such a happy sick boy, so I shouldn't really complain
Is starting to get curls, soooo cute. Luke's happy :)
Pushes himself up on all fours and rocks and tries to jump forward, not long now I don't think.
Loves to stand, started pulling himself up on things, the gate at the door is a good place
Has let go for a second or two.
Not interested in trying to walk holding our hands or cruising around furniture either.
Is such a mummy's boy :) Mummy makes it all ok
Loves kisses and cuddles
ADORES watching Charlotte and Zac play and you can see it ticking through his mind on why he can't.
Drinks from a cup, and also a straw too, good for town.
Cut teeth 3 & 4
Says Mummmmmmmm, but that's about it. Think he's going to be a slow talker like Zac was
LOVES riding on the bike with Pa
LOVES the dogs, will not take his eyes off them.

I know there is more, but right now I can't remember.

Pics coming soon


edited to add a few more things I've remembered.

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