Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Yep that is the number of posts I'm up to

So what's happening, not much to tell you the truth, hence the lack of posting

I've finally finished my article for Scrapbook Magazine, phew, and I've had a few other deadlines that needed to get on the finished list.



Tammy's Sketch from her GDT stint at The Boxx

Just a cute one of Dea munching a carrot

A few random pics, some from the show, some of the kids chewing their lollipops

Mr Dea now has 5 Teeth, cut another up the top. This is just for me to remember the date. LOL

think this is all for the moment. Been busy with my TA course and just life. sorry if you've been missing me.

OK and let me know if you have trouble accessing my blog, I've heard from a few people that they can't load it properly, would like to know what is up with that



BabyBokChoy said...

So many fun layouts to look at!! So exciting!! Hey, is it bad that I want to give a lollipop thing to my kids just so I can have awesome pictures like yours? LOL

SkyeMJ said...

Aww love those cutie photos of the kids at the show! :) So adorable!

Love all of the layouts, lots of fun and brightness to look at!

Wendy Smith said...

these are cute cute cute layouts. And those photos are toooo cute

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

very nice update Nic and I looooove that Moments layout... absolut gorgeous. Made me all gooey!!

Renee said...

Gorgeous layouts and those photos are too cute!