Wednesday, 27 May 2009


I'm sick as sick. Kids have been. All in all this past two months has been a nightmare healthwise here.

Have you ever completed a Layout that looked fantastic in your head but turned out looking like crap. Well this is one for me. Love the whole concept of it, used Charlottes drawing, but when it all came together blah, do think that drawing is pretty awesome though

Can't remember if I showed this, but I got to be the Guest Designer at Scrapbook Capital this month for the Cyber Crop. Next months is next weekend - 5,6,7 June. Would be fantastic to see some newbies over there playing.

Was one of the 7 Sins Challenges at Wicked Princesses

Journalit Challenge for last fortnight, geez I am a little behind huh?


May Enchantress Kit from Wicked Princesses


Some news - I have stood down from the Wicked Princess Design Team. Thought alot about it, but with the amount of work I needed to do there it was making my home life suffer. I need to spend more time with these kidlets and try and wrangle them in, behaviour is getting a little out of control lately. Hmmmmm Miss Charlotte what am I going to do with you..............

Couple of Blog Awards from Kat and Aga

Hmmmm who to pass them on too

lets go with Belinda just cause I love ya

Oh and One HUGE exciting thing for me........

Check out here and look at the tiny little picture of the mag what a way to find out that you made a cover. AND of an international magazine too. I'm so flipping excited. I'll share when I get the mag in my hands........

about it for now, I do have a few other things to share but I need to photograph them


scrapbook CAPITAL said...

Oh poor you Nic... I know how hard is it to be sick and still have to do the daily duties....I hope your feeling better soon.
loving your layouts and i hear ya about having things take over and you forget the simple things like spending time with the kids... definetely guilty of this!!! I hope you find the perfect balance and the kids start being angels (well we can all dream cant we ;)///lol)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see your beautiful work Nic... hope yur house gets better quick xxx hugs to you all xxx and WOWOOOOOOOOOOOO to the cover.. Pretty awesome!

Tara said...

Not good to hear you are sick Nic... Hope you are all feeling better soon!!

I am soooo jealous of Dea's hair! Zayne is still so bald... He has less hair than when he was born, lol..

Lovin your LO's too, I have been trying to scrap a little more, still not really feelin' it though... :-(
Love Char's drawing... does your hair really stick up like that?? lol kid's drawings are the best, gotta love em :D

Tanya said...

Sorry to hear you have stepped down from the WP DT but you have to put you and your family first so totally understand your reasons. Hope you feel better soon, take care :)

BabyBokChoy said...

Thanks for posting even though you've or are still sick, lovely creations, wow, you've been productive!

Nic said...

Ok... so I LOVE the layout with Charlotte's picture, you're way too critical of yourself!! Definately going to do that with one of Drew's cool pics he draws. And also loving that paper from the Wicked Princess Kit, you've done awesome layouts with it.. in fact they are all pretty damn good!
WOHOO!!! on the cover.. although sadly I couldn't see it when I clicked the link, could see all pics bar that one :-( But excited none the less... you kept this HUGE news to yourself while sharing my not so big news didn't you!! Congrats. xxx

Belinda Venables said...

Thanks for the awards chick. I will post them up and pass them on soon.
Love the layouts. I adore that one of Char's drawing. I have a few special ones here that I keep meaning to scan and post on my blog so I have them somewhere and don't loose them!
Congrats again on the cover - way too cool!
PS: Luv ya back! ;)

Leanne said...

Woo Hoo! WTG with the cover of an international mag! You must be beaming!

I know how you feel about the dreaded sickness plaguing you atm...we have it too! Is there an easy way to shake it off? Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that 7sins page especially - brilliant!
All your work is fab, but that really caught my eye!

Congrats on the cover too, sooo cool! You are rocking the scrap world girl!

M xx

SkyeMJ said...

Oh ive been part of the sick/flu club this week too - you poor doll. Hope you're starting to feel better :(
you're creating some gorgeous work though babe - Am LOVING the WP Kit LO, and the journal it LO (and that rainbow paper you've used!)

Take care of your gorgeous self!

phatassphairy said...

poor darlin to you and the family ....

love all your layouts ...well done on getting that many done when you are feeling so sick

Michelle Jamieson said...

Love those Sass Lass layouts...awesome!

I'm hearing you on the sickness...we have had it here too...hope you guys are on the mend??

You've been tagged...Check out my blog for details! :)

Chelle Xx

Sue said...

Hi Nic, hope you are feeling better. Love all your Lo's. What is the sunburst paper in the two boy ones?
I have left you a little something on my blog, if you would like to pop over for a little look. Hope it puts a smile on your face!