Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Winners :)

hehehehhe got my trusty random number generator going here AKA Hubby Luke

So in no particular order

Anthea said...
WOW generous packs there Nic!!Loving the cards too.
13 April 2009 19:24

Congrats you have won the Boy Pack

# 7
Alishia said...
Love your Carsd Nic!What genorous RAKs too
13 April 2009 20:46

Congrats you have won the Card Pack

scrapbook CAPITAL said...
cool cards Nic, and those RAKS look a little yummy. WOW 17 posts already, definetely got a few stalkers in the mix ;)
13 April 2009 22:43

Congrats you have won the Christmas Pack

Leanne said...
OMGosh!!! HOw much stuff do you have! Lol! I love the OA papers too! They are just too cute to walk past! (that's my excuse anyway!)
14 April 2009 17:11

Congrats you have won the Love/Wedding Pack


Crystal Bowman said...
Wow. The last day of the comp already!! Well I'm leaving comment #14 - I left one for every day the comp was open (what a feat!).Can't wait to see who wins your RAK...Hope it's me!
27 April 2009 18:54

Congrats you have won the Girl Pack

Thanks to everyone who left me comments over the past two weeks, I've enjoyed having a look at your blogs, and catching up with everyone :)

Congrats girls, please email on and I'll get your packages sent out ASAP



Emily said...

Congrats to the winners! They were all great RAK's!

Crystal Bowman said...

WOW! Yay I'm soooo Happy!! Thanks Nic!! I'm soo glad it was the girl pack because I struggle to choose pretty girl papers so now you'l inspire me o do more "girly" pages!!

Congrats to everyone else who won as well. :)

SkyeMJ said...

Congrats lucky ladies! :)

Alishia said...

Oh WOW! Thanks SO Much!
Been making lots of cards lately!

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

oh cool. wow lucky me..... thanks Nic. And congrats to the other lucky winners.....

Nic said...

Conograts girls *insert jealous green eyes here* hehe... no seriously - enjoy!!!!

phatassphairy said...

phairy claps to you luck-EEEEEEEEE ducks ...have fun ..and my karma back fold onto you nic ..amazingly generous thing to do