Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I just found out

That I own 46 packets of American Crafts Thickers.


How many are in your stash???

Make me feel a little better about myself here. LOL

Happy Wednesday :-)



Ruby Claire said...

HOWLLYYYY! That is soooo awesome!
I have.. uhhmm...... *3* I am a fan! Just got no $$!
Loving all your work lately!
CONGRATS on all the pubs you have been getting!!

Belinda Venables said...

hehe....mmmmmm...ok....maybe I won't say. Lets just say it's in the 3 digits. The perks of being on the DT. :)


Sar said...

I have 62 packets, Nic!! eeeek!!!

Not as bad as Belinda but, hehe! (except she probably gets most of hers for free....sigh!)

And congrats on the CCG spot, I was so happy to see your name over there yesterday on the DT reveal.


Petrina McDonald said...

I dare not count! But after reading the other comments I don't feel so bad ;-)

Vicki said...

i have around the same amount as you, i love THICKERS, i have a friend who has over 100 packs. lol. have a great week xxx

Nic said...

OMG Nic... and that's just the thickers!!! You don't need to know my poor effort on those.. definately single digits :-( lol... give me a scrapping spending spree and we could soon change that :-) xx

scrapwitch said...

well i have 48 packs in my stash nic

Anthea said...

how does 31 sound? spose it inst 46 LOL.

well they are cool though

miasmummy said...

I would hate to count mine!! Too crazy!! xx

Felicity said...

I have about 30 packs or so. I dont feel bad now, after reading all the comments!!!

xoxAlyssaxox said...

haha I wish Nic xx

dagbird2001 said...

i have 1 packet :o( you dont want them send them my

Tara said...

oooh i only have 11, and some scrappy bits and pieces left over...
and i thaught i had alot!!!

Crystal Bowman said...

Wowwee that's a lot of thickers. I have about 5 packets but I love them so much. When I get richer I am going to buy tons more of them!!

jess said...

WOW!!! 46!!! Thats impressive!!!
I've got 11 packs, and i love them all!!! hahah!

Lisa said...

omg...... I thought 11 pks was a little obsessive.... I have loooots of AC mini marks books.... got em for $3.95 at spotlight!!! I KNOW BARGAIN!! Sheesh B - How many do you really have!!? Love your layouts published latley too Nic - always impressive.