Sunday, 8 March 2009

Cyclone Watch....

We are getting ready for Cyclone Hamish.

Approx 550km NE of us at the moment, little way away, but we're still some pretty strong winds here.

Category 5 - 290kph winds

Hope it doesn't hit anywhere near us, but better to be prepared in case it does.

Wishing everyone else a great Sunday



Hetty Hall said...

Yeh us too, it is hitting straight for the Bay, if it doesn't change we will feel the full brunt of it. Already decided the walk in robe is the place to be if it hits - pretty scary!!
Hugs xx

miasmummy said...

OMG, stay safe, and let us know straight away when it's passed, ok??

jess said...

how scary!!
I really hope it doesn't come near you!!

Leanne said...

Ooh that is scary, will keep fingers crossed that it doesn't come near you.
Leanne :o)