Saturday, 28 February 2009

WOW..........Lots to share :-)

Wow this was mad opening up the current Scrapbook Creations (63) and finding TEN Layouts of mine in there. Some you would have seen before, others are new. The funniest thing is getting two in the Baby Gallery of Zac, with the same photos. hehehehe. Gonna be a good cheque when it comes :-)

He Is - Baby Gallery (oldie)

Carol-lea's Sketch Challenge - Yep this was started while I was in Labour with Deacon :-)

271206 - Baby Gallery (oldie)

Click - In Focus Gallery (oldie)

Chev Dog - Distressing Project

The Carney Atmosphere - Everything But the Who Article

She Really Loves Her New Pink Shovel - Everything But The Who Article

Out With The Old - everything But The Who Article

Good Thing For Trees - Everything But The Who Article

Celebrating Some of The Moments - Everything But The Who Article


Was going to put up the others I've been working on but blogger's not playing nice.




Vicki said...

WOW those layouts are amazing, loving them all. your style is really funky xxx

jess said...

Wow!! 10 layouts! I've gotta go buy me that mag so I can see them all in there!!! Thats Awesome!!!
They look awesome!!!!
xx Jess

Hetty Hall said...

LOL 10 layouts is awesome Nic well done and they are all great layouts as well, you have a very funky and well liked style so it is no wonder the mags are picking them all up. Enjoy the pay check :)

Leanne said...

Gorgeous lo's Nic! Can't wait to grab the mag. 10 lo' that a record? Well done!

Aga said...

Wow 10 is a huge amount - well done!! can't wait to get a copy to check them all out :)
Aga xx

sam said...

wow, you made a lot of cool pages, love the first one, click and the one with the dog! best wishes sam

Sar said...

Holy cow Nic, 10 layouts,thats awesome!

You have to check out my niece Emma's blog, she loved your page on the cover of SM and has lifted it.


jo said...

Great LO's your style

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

10 layouts, wow i really am rubbing shoulders with a celeb.... well done Nic..

Cindy said...

i actually saw all your layouts in the mag and was quite impressed. well done. they are all great

Felicity said...

CONGRATS on 10 in ONE MAG!!!! Now that is something to be proud of!!! now to go buy the mag!!
Felicity xx

Petrina McDonald said...

10 layouts!! wow! You go girl!

Allie Collyer said...

Wow Nic, 10 layouts is amazing!! Well done. I'm sure with all the CHA goodies coming out your cheque will be put to good use :-)


Kathleen said...

Gosh, "Nic" overload!!! ;P

Love it all, love your style, so much inspiration here, gonna take me a while to process it all!