Thursday, 1 January 2009

2008 Wrap Up

Wow can you believe that another year is over, and like usual I got a little slack with updating.

So here's my wrap up of December

Most important part of all Zachary turned two, poor little thing didn't get much spoiling. Mummy forgot about the cake :( and having your birthday two days after Chirstmas can't be much fun. I think from now on we'll have to start focusing on Birthdays and only having a little celebration for Chirstmas.

Zac at Two:
Count's to 5 by himself, 20 with help.
Knows a couple of colours
Wears a good size two in pants and a three in shirts
Takes a size 7 shoe
still isn't toilet trained, and not looking to want to go either.
loves sleeping in his big bed
still needs/wants his puppy
is loving and affectionate, when he wants to be
loves to dance
loves all animals, knows the names and sounds of them all
speaks in 3-4 word sentences
knows all the parts of his body, names and where they are too
weighs about 13.8kg
89cm tall

the photo of Zac in the dress, he needed one to be like Charlotte and do twirling. hehe

Christmas, hmmmm can I say so glad it's over with for another year. Tried once again to take some Chrissy photos and the kids just didn't want to work with mummy. this is the best of about 50 I took. I do love the one of Char and Dea though.

Everyone was spoilt throughly, kids the most, Charlotte got the one thing she has been busting for, for about 6 months, a SCOOTER. Even better it's pink and it's a Dora Scooter. Zac received alot of Bob the Builder tools and a work bench and Dea well he only got a HUGE musical play mat from us. Heaps of clothes and a heap of crap too, from everyone else. Didn't take many photo's during Christmas, wanted to live in the moment instead of behind the camera for a change. We got a Nintendo Wii, waiting for the shops to get Wii Fit in so I can get that, heard it's soooo good.

Scrap wise I havent' been creating alot lately, mostly Mag things and talking about Mags, I was offered a Design Team position with SCRAPBOOK MAGAZINE in the UK. My first task has been posted off to them for I think Issue 36. Had a big write up in there, I'll have to scan it and upload. Was very cool, and the colours in this mag are true to life, so everything just looks fantastic.

Managed to crank out two pages lastnight to add to my overall total for 2008 which stands at:

Singles: 170
Doubles: 9
8.5x11: 43
OTP: 43

So this is just the few Layouts that I am able to show:

This was for the Scrapping Word Pictures November Challenge

My December Sample for Page Maps

Just a cute one of Charlotte

A Color Combo's Galore Challenge Page

Sketch Challenge for the December CC at Scrapbook Capital

Another Challenge for the CC at Scrapbook Capital

One of my final pages for 2008, love this photo of Deacon, so small, so sweet, so innocent.

One of my FAVOURITE layouts, love the photo of Zac and just the overall look and simple design of this.

See this photo below, big warning, lens' smash good, and mummy wasn't very happy, Zac wanted to be a photographer and instead of letting him come to me I chased him, wrong move. He took off and threw my camera to the floor, luckily it landed on the lens, unluckily it broke, but better $150 than $1500 or there of to buy myself a new camera, which I'm thinking of doing anyway.

Have more to show but we've got a big storm coming this way, hopefully it'll cool things off, the temperatures been in the low 40's the past couple of days. Phew, it's horrible, and we don't have Air Con either.

Hope you all had a great New Year.

Edited to add some more information - 3/1/09


jess said...

*Happy New Year!*
and **Happy Birthday** to gorgeous Zac!! I love the photo of him with the boots on - adorable!!!
Your chrissie shot of all 3 is gorgeous!!!
I cant believe how hot it is where you are... and you dont have air con?!?! You poor thing!!!!
Congratulations on the Mag!! Cant wait to see the scanned copy!!!

Tara said...

LOVE your pages, all great, especially love 'middle child' and the pic of Zac with the boots is tooo cute!!!

OMG what happened to your lens??? When I think about getting a flash camera like your I get scared about things like that happening...

Congrats on the mag too! Way to go!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all too, and a big Happy Birthday to Zac :D

Jenni said...

Love all you LO's and the photos of your kids are devine.

Kathleen said...

Wow - congrats on the DT possie! I've not read many international mags, might have to grab that one :)

Love the LO's - especially "Up", with the 2 clusters of embellies either side, and the photo's are adorable!


phatassphairy said...

great pics nic and layouts .....what a little man zach has turned into ....

keep up the great work for the year to come

did you cry when your lens broke???
i would of

cheers mate

Anonymous said...

Hi Nic, it's been gr8 meeting you this year, here's to an even better 2009 filled with lot's of scrapping, new opportunities and exciting adventures, Tiff :o)

Anonymous said...

happy new year nicole :) wishing you and your family peace, love and happiness! i hope you all have the time of your lives in 2009! x

what an awesome tally for 2008!!

LEA said...

thought i'd come out from lurking your blog to say, wow! what a tonne of gorgeous layouts. thanks for sharing, my favourite...'these photos' and 'new':)

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

Happy new year Nic and Happy birthday to Zac. Loving the photos. They show real character. Awesome layouts too. Bugger about the lense.... I bet you werent a happy chook.

Donna Heart said...

Hey Nic - Happy new Year! WOW - you really have had a productive year haven't you! All those layouts - not to mention the enormous task of Mummy to three! I can only imagine what you might come up with this year. I'll definitely be checking in regularly for little Dea updates. All the best to you and yours, X Don

Leanne said...

A big congrats on the dt position!!! What great news. Loving all your lo's too. That's a great shot of Charlotte and Deacon.

Go for the Wii Fit. It is sooo much fun! Just need the energy to keep up with it! Lol!!

Glad you had a great Chrissy. Hope the new year is just as terific!

Jaimie R said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! You have the most adorable kids..

Nic said...

Wowsers! Nice long post... sounds like a busy December just like mine... all those pages are gorgeous mate, hopefully I find more time in 2009 to do whT i love.. havn't done anything in AGES!! Catch up soon I hope! xx