Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Tree

Just remembered that I haven't put a photo up of our Chirstmas Tree. We brought a new one this year, along with new decorations, kids decided on what we were getting, hence the blue and pink theme.

Day Tree

Night Tree


Renee said...

What a gorgeous tree. Santa will definitely love placing the pressies under that tree.

Merry Christmas said...

Preeety. I like the blue and pink decos. :)

Sheri said...

thats a awsome tree!!
i love the pick of colours :P

i'm leaving you a award on my blog :P

phatassphairy said...

great tree nic have made me want to copy your idea on the day night tree thing i am going to do the same with mine ...well try too he he he ...

merry xmas to you and the family

Nic said...

Gorgeous Nic... as are those sparkler shots! You are too too clever... I hope you and your beautiful family of 5 have a wonderful Christmas. I've enjoyed chatting and swapping scrappy and family fun with you this year... here to more times like it in 2009! *cheers*
Take care and enjoy the festivities! xxx