Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Thought I'd stop in and say HI,

All is good in the Pomeroy household. Deacon is settling in sooooo well, and can't believe he's in his second week of life with us.

He is feeding on average every 4 hours now, and giving me a 6 hour break at night, so while it's not a consistant routine that we can plan around it's working at the moment. Charlotte and Zac are just loving Deacon, Zac can't stop touching him and giving him kisses and cuddles whenever he sees him, which is lovely to watch. Charlotte is going through, loving him moods to wanting nothing to do with him. More loving which is I suppose a good thing. He's put on about 600grams since birth, little piggy just loves his boob. Usually have him feed, burped and back in bed within 40minutes, which out of all three is fantastic. Charlotte was a nightmare, use to take at least 1.5 hours to feed and settle her. So I'm not missing that much sleep.

The only negative so far is that Deacon hates and I mean HATES the car, will cry/scream the whole time we are driving. Which for us is a nightmare considering the closest town is just over 30 minutes away. Hoping that he'll grow out of that, hmm like by tomorrow, we're going up to Rocky, (about an hours drive) and I don't think I really want to listen to the little man cry all that time.

I've even managed to scrap a little, finished off a couple of pages that I started before I had Deacon and have gotten a few completed since I've had him too. Quiet 'basic' but I'm loving them all the same. Have scrapped Deacon twice already, I'm nearly thinking that I'm going to start doing a LO on Charlotte, then one on Zac and finally one on Deacon, just so I don't miss him out and hopefully I'll be able to get a few more LO's of Zacman too.

Best get going, will leave you with a few piccies of life.


Miss C, enjoying a swim.

Zac just chilling.

My boys bonding, love the above piccie.

This is Deacon's Double Horns

Poor Zac's been getting so tired he'll just crash on the lounge

Deacon trying to eat his hand

The oldest and youngest of the family

this is called "I Cranky"

And a surprisingly good piccie of Charlotte

How funky is this, the gorgeous gorgeous Jessy sent me this mini nappy cake for Deacon, totally adorable and one of the best gifts we have recieved. Thanks hun, you rock. :)

had a play with WORDLE and this is what it came up with, I mean REALLY, is that the most common word in my blog. LOL.
Oh if you want to see that piccie bigger just click on it.

Thanks for popping by.........


SkyeMJ said...

Wow Nic! I LOVE those water photos and the 'I cranky' shot!

Hehe cracks me up!

Lovely shots!

Ann Lederhose said...

Hey gorgeous. Nice to hear an update. Let me know when you are feeling up to a trip and you can bring the kids over so we can inspect Deacon.

Hetty Hall said...

Lovely photos Nic and good to hear all is going well in your household. Deacon ofcourse is precious!! Hugs xx

Kathleen said...

Wow he's doing really well to let you have 6 hours at night!! Clay fed every 2 hours, on the dot, lol - now thats a piggy!

Love the photo's too, especially the one of the Deacon and Zac holding hands, so cute.


Nic said...

Love seeing your photos.. a gorgeous little (or not so little anymore) family you have there!! Daddy looks a little concerned in his photo though I must say... maybe overworked?? hehe I see you're being auctioned off on ebay too! - good luck with that, very generous of you for such a great cause.. xx

Leanne said...

Glad all is going well for you. Yay on the sleeping front...I hope he settles into a lovely routine for you both!

Enjoy your growing family!

Donna said...

Gorgeous pics Nicole.. and glad Deacon is settling in.. Understand about the car.. Connor screamed everytime we put him in one until we turned him around.. Good luck with it! xxxx

jess said...

Awe, Deacon is ADORABLE!!! And i love the photos of the brothers bonding!! so cute!!
Im so happy you liked the mini nappy cake!!
How are you going?? Hope all is well and your getting some sleep!!
Xx Jess