Thursday, 25 September 2008

Update and you wanna play a game

I'm still here, still have not popped.

Been getting a few twinges but that's about it.

Bub is slowly going down, SLOWLY though.

Sore belly, sore fat feet and a sore back. Can't believe that I'm even going to say it but right at this moment I'm over it all. Blah. Very sad considering I love being pregnant.

Have my next antenatal appointment tomorrow and then I have my last class on Saturday, so a busy few days on my feet, which hopefully might hurry things along a little.

So seeing as I'm nearing the end of my 'most likely' last pregnancy, I would love to see/hear what your thoughts are on what sex bubs is going to be, date I'm going to have him/her and how much the little person is going to weigh.

Until I come back online




miasmummy said...

Ok, here is my guess... A GIRL, 7lb 6oz and born on Monday the 29th at 2.10pm! I have picked all these totally randomly, except DH birthday is on Monday!
Thinking of you, it's the last few days/ weeks that can drag on!!

kayla renee macaulay said...

oohh fun

i guess a girl

and i reckon she will born on Sunday the 28th at 10.00 in the morning:)

weight hmmm...i have no idea!

hope that your holding up ok
thinking of you


Kathleen said...

My guess! Im gonna say boy, 7 pnds 11 oz, Saturday the 28th at 11:07pm :)

So pickies up on Sunday - k? k? :P


jess said...

Every time your blog pops up in my bloglines, im thinking its going to be to announce a birth of your new baby.. but not yet- doh! Fingers crossed soon!!

My guess...
A Boy, on monday the 29th, 11pm.
3.6kg. 49cm

p.s. if you dont mind, can you email me your postal address...
my email (

*good luck* and hope everything goes smoothly and the little one just pops out!!
Xx Jess

Tara said...

Hey Nic...

I think it will be a boy on friday 3rd October, 7am, 8 1/2 pound...

Hope all goes well for you :-)

Anthea said...

OK Nic, I am going to guess


Friday the 3rd of Oct

8 pound 3 ounce

good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

I think a GIRL, weighing 8lb7oz - Tuesday 30th at 6pm...

Hope all goes well!


Belinda Venables said...

Oohhhh - I am SO crapola at these things! I am always

Let me see...mmmm...

Girl (eeekk..I bet that's going to be wrong now I've said

October 1st

8lb 2oz


Now - since I am always wrong. You'll probably have a boy, under 8 pound and it will be born no where near my date...pmsl

Can't wait to be a cyber aunty... *wink*


SkyeMJ said...

Im going for October 2nd - 7lb, 11oz... And a boy!

How big were your other bubs?

Jules said...

Hi Nic I think you are going to have a boy on the 5th of October and he will weigh 9lb 2oz...Hope all goes well for you and your new bub..BTW I tried your choc cake in a cup receipe .YUMMO..

Melissa said...

I'm thinking GIRL Nic... 8 1/2 pounds, 49 cm, born early morning god knows what date!!!
How exciting Nic!
Rest up hun....can't wait for your exciting news!

Leanne said...

Okay I'll play along! GIRL. 7lbs 12 oz. TUESDAY 30th September!

Hope it all goes very well for you! {{{{hugs}}}}

AGA said...

So exciting that it's getting closer!!!
I'm guessing a boy... born on the 4th October at 4:30am weighing in at 7lb 9oz.
Aga xx

Sar said...

Well I think you're having a girl...on Tuesday 30th...weighing 7lb 11oz...and everything is gonna go great (and fast!). Good luck love, I'll be thinking of you.


Scrapsister said...

I say boy...8lb 9oz.....sorry LOL.
All the best for s smooth and easy birth!

Anonymous said...

I reckon it will be a boy, born on Oct 1st, and weigh 8pound 2

Hope all goes well, will be thinking of you
Tammi (tambear)

Louise said...

Ummmm Girl, 8lb 3 oz, born by LSCS on Thursday 2nd October, and,............. called Louise [PMSL]

Me xxxx

thinking of you :)x

Tracy Firth said...

Oh Nic can't remember what I told you the other day.
I still think Boy
Weight 3980grams (hate lbs and ounces)
Born 4th October at 4 past midnight.

lub from your friendly midwife (who is always wrong about these things even after all these years in my job)