Thursday, 18 September 2008

playing with the camera

These were taken today, thought I might try the photo shoot thing with the kids.
Also a good excuse to play around with the manual settings some more, slowly, slowly teaching myself about it all. But can happily say that these are all taken Manually, and no editing either. LOL, I never edit any of my photos, just way too lazy.
My absolute favourites out of about 200+ I took this morning.
Charlotte first
This is my favourite pic of Charlotte, love the over exposed look of it.
And these are Zac's
love how his eyes and singlet really stand out.
This is my ultimate favourite of Zac, he looks so much older than his 20 months.
and just a few randoms thrown in
Charlotte talking to Luke last night. He's been camping away at least once a night for the past 6 weeks.
Even Zac needs a good Scrap mag when he's on the toilet.
and just another amazing sunset at home.


AngC said...

Not long now Nic!! No sign of anything happening here yet... starting to think this kid will never get here!

Love your pics... Zac looks like a real little farmer in that singlet! My Uncle always wore a blue singlet when he was out and about on the farm.

scrapwitch said...

soo amazing nicole ..i love the pic of char laying down looking at ya
not long now hey ....thinking of ya babe

Donna said...

Love them Nic.. just gorgeous!!!

Ali said...

those pics are gorgeous....absolutely gorgeous Nic!! :)
love the sunset one too!!

Vicki said...

Gorgeous photos!!

Best of luck with your new bub almost here. :)

Ann Lederhose said...

Lovely photos Nic.

Kathleen said...

That one of Charlotte lying down looks gorgeous, and what a cutey Zac is! And that sunset, I wanna come to your house! Looks beautiful

Nic said...

WOW girl, amazing job on those photos... We are well overdue for family portraits - want a job?? Honestly, you'd do awesome at portraits...
That sunset is heavenly... catch up when I get back from holidays. xx

karen e said...

Absolutely stunning photos Nic

Leanne said...

How about those cheeky grins! Got to love kids who are willing to pose!!!!!

Have a great day!


Belinda Venables said...

hehe Nic - love them all! Miss C is so photogenic. I LOVE Zac's singlet too - now that's cool! :D

Look at your belly in that so so so cute!


Lauren said...

love your pics Nic.
Love the last one of Zac, he is such a cutie! Charlotte is gorgeous...

Anonymous said...

Love the photo's Nic. I love the one of Char laying down looking at the camera too. Just so cute :) and your little man is totally gorgeous in his blue singlet :D

You look as if you are quite ready for bubs to greet the world. I remember feeling soooo over pregnancy at the end LOL
Good luck and will be thinking of you

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

great photos Nic, your kids are gorgeous!! you must be so proud to have 2 stunners!!