Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Cold, rainy and horrible.

This is what arrived for me last week, yummo, won a comp at Scrapbooking Memories. Some lush Fancy Pants goodness.

Have to take a photo of puppy whenever the camera comes out.

Very proud of her sculpey creations.

Cheeky Miss
and a Cheeky Mister.

Luke said this photo doesn't show the true size of me. Look alot bigger apparently. Might be because this shirts not so tight.

Is there no better way to end the day, how seriously lusho is this sky.
Been scrapping but seeing as it's raining there's not evidence until it clears, which it bloody better cause I've finished my Masters entry now and I want to get it sent away.
that's it for the moment, hopefully be back tomorrow with another better belly shot, doing a little challenge on the Boxx, and I'm going to see if I can get a photo of my belly everyday.


The Ams Family said...

Yay for you! Always good to win goodies. Love that belly shot

Belinda Venables said...

Ohh yummy - lucky duck! ;)

Look at your belly - it does look quite small Nice of Luke to let you know you look bigger...pmsl!

Love those sunset pics too - no wonder you wanted to rush off and snap them!


Leanne said...

Hi Nic,
I'm just visiting your site for the first time and wanted to say hello. (came via Belinda). Your work is beautiful and lucky you with your competition win!

Feel free to visit my site. I am very new at the scrapping business but love this forum where you can plaster your work around anyway you want! LOL!!

Have a great day.


Janine said...

Great prize pick up- lucky you!!!
I love your belly shot too!

Nic said...

I am SO jealous of those prizes... congrats though :-) That sky is just gorgeous...

Anthea said...

congrats you!!!

great photos too!

Leanne said...

Hi Nicole!

Let me know if you post a pic of your interpretation of the tree lo I have on my blog. Would love to see your version. Thanks for the kind words.


scrapwitch said...

what a magical sky

Donna said...

Love those Pics Nicole.. and woohoo about the prize.. vry Noice!! Can't wait to meet ya and see that lovely bump irl!!