Friday, 13 June 2008

this was our morning......

This morning we went in to Ambrose School for the Under 8's day, which is a few weeks late due to it being cancelled. Was a fun morning, Charlotte played and interacted with the other kids so well. Listened and made so many things by herself, even went of to do activities by herself. Scares me that she thinks that she doesn't need me anymore. Poor old Zac's not himself at the moment, a little sick. Anyway this is part of our morning in photo's
Playing together. so Sweet.

Charlotte's addicted to paint, if she could she would paint all day long.

Zac having a go too.

Painting, they both love it.

Just have to love this look.

Poor little man is a bit sick, has a stomach bug and he's been going to the toilet ALOT. Been horrible.

Special glasses, had to make them cause that was Nan's table. Did a good job too.

The taste testing table, how totally delish does it all look, fresh and home dried fruit.

Feeding Nan banana

Zac with his Monster, he's getting to be a clever one too, had to glue and stick everything on himself.

Charlotte with her MONSTER, wasn't too keen on getting a photo the glue on her hands was more exciting.

Zac's only interested in one thing. TRUCKS.

Loved playing with this parachute, was very impressed that she listened and did what the teacher was telling her to do. They had to run ove the opposite side when there name was called and try to get there before they were trapped underneath. Can't believe how much my little girl is growing up.

The start of the hole.

Zac didn't want to do much, just stood with his shovel.

The local firies, police and ambos come out for the day too.

So proud of the hole she was digging

Testing a few different textures with her feet, Charlotte just went off and played by herself, didn't want mum with her.

Some Scrap..........

OMG this is sooooooo frustrating, what is wrong with Blogger, the only other person I know that is having the same weird problems with it is Lisa, driving my balmy.

Anyway this above page is another you have to kink your neck for, sorry about that, I painted behind the Luxe heart transparency and then cut it out. Makes an awesome frame though.

One that has been sitting on my desk waiting to be finished for the past two months. Kids had heaps of fun down at the playground at the Gladstone Marina, we were lucky too no one else was there thay day.

Love this title "I'm growing a MONSTER", feels like it that's for sure, all based on some of the gorgeous KI Memories Lace Card. Love the effect it has given.

This is another head turner sorry people, was my shortlisted entry for the Scrapbook Creations Colour Competition, used the off cuts of the fancy pants felt.

A nice, fun page on the gorgeous Marni Telford. We grabbed photo's like this of each other at the Embellished Retreat, been dying to scrap this and I've had it printed off since then.

Thanks for coming to see me.



Anthea said...

all gorgeous Nic, the pics of the kids and the LOs also, well done on the shortlist also!!!

Belinda Venables said...

Looks like such a fun day! Love the pics and what a mother of a post! How long did that take you? pmsl

Love the layouts too - you've been busy! :D

Enjoy your weekend.


Lauren said...

great pics n layouts nic

parkergal17 said...

Looks your kids are having a ball and you have taken some fantastic photos. Love your layouts that are awesome.

Hetty Hall said...

Gorgeous photo's Nic, looks like they had a great time. We are yet to celebrate under 8's day as the last one got washed out.

Love love the layouts too, just beautiful!!

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

wow what a great range of Photos nic. Kids look as if they had a ball

Lisa said...

your kiddos are so adorable!! can't wait to see the new little one! you are a gorgeous preggo monster :) glad to see things are still going well for you. just wanted to stop by and say hello!

AngC said...

Hey there Nicole! Congrats on being shorlisted for the colour comp!! Your layouts look fantastic!

scrapwitch said...

blogger sucks hey nicole...
but what a fab long post...those painting pics of the kids are rad,and i love the shots of all the days activities..looks like you had a blast....fab layouts....real head turners..
love ya my pack from in scrap heaven