Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Luke's New Toy

So this is what Lukes going to be playing with for the next gosh knows how many nights.
It has a wingspan of over 2.3 meters and takes up atleast half our lounge area, and we have a huge lounge.

See you can see the size of it, Zac is standing right beside the plane in this photo.

Don't mind the kids toys in this.

So that's about all for the moment
Weekend was ok
Managed to nearly finish my single for my Masters Entry so far I've spent about 14 hours on it.
and get my page together for when I teach.
and get started on a few other projects.

Oh and I saw some piccies of the Brissy Convention. My Colour Comp page for SC got shortlisted YAY!!!!

Weather has been off all weekend so no photo's will try and get some soon though.
Luke is going to do a belly shot tomorrow for me. :)


Belinda Venables said...

Thats a plane alright! Takes up the whole room! :D

Yay for you working on your Masters entry. How exciting!

Can't wait for that belly shot! :D


Hetty said...

Yay for you on the shortlisting Nic, keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

Woow that is one big toy to have in your lounge room Nic xxx so does it fly ????