Monday, 19 May 2008

The Scan

So this is our gorgeous little bubba, who likes to move alot. Took nearly an hour to do all the measurements, and didn't want to stretch out straight for the radiographer either. Very flexible and likes to wave and suck on it's thumb. And NO before you ask we didn't find out the sex. Like the previous two times we went in there unsure but once we saw bub was ok we decided just to leave it till the big moment, I honestly think there is nothing better than hearing 'you've got a little ...........' Bubs also sitting up really really high. Was taking pictures above my belly button. Also found out my placenta is attached to the front so that explains why I haven't been really feeling movements, although now that's turned the corner, bub goes mental when I'm sitting at the computer.

Charlotte was very excited to see 'her' baby and Zac sat just staring at the screen the whole time. Now when you ask him where the baby is he'll come and pull my shirt up and pat me on the belly. Oh so cute.

Saw the doctor before I had my scan, blood presure is brilliant (had some troubles with Charlotte), bubba's heart is really strong, and I'm currently measuring about 2 weeks ahead of my dates, but I'm just putting that down to being there twice before.

So this is our new life.

Can't wait to see who I'm looking after.


Thanks for letting me share.


scrapbook CAPITAL said...

oh Nic a pic of your baby and it really does look like a real little baby. Oh early arrival maybe.... maybe a flight to Melbourne with the little tacker in October...hint hint....... well its all good news so well done to you and your family

The Ams Family said...

How exciting to see that gorgeous little bubba. You are making me very clucky. Mel x

jess said...

Awe!!! What a CUTIE!!!!
How exciting for you!! And YAY for not finding out the sex!! Im guessing its a boy! No reason for my guess but i've got a 50% chance of being right! hehe
Xx Jess

Anthea said...

oh Nic, just gorgeous!!!

AngC said...

Great news Nic! Love the picture!! At my scan she estimated me to be about 1 week ahead of schedule which probably puts us at about the same time now!! If only they would get here when they are meant to... I'm sure they will...NOT. LOL

Emstar said...

what a beautiful baby!

Melissa said...

awwwwww that's a great pic Nic!
Congrats again babe!
Toooooooooooo exciting!

marijana said...

how adorable :)
you are making me clicky :)
great news about your blood pressure :)


Belinda Venables said...

Ohhhh - I'm so clucky now...(thanks for

What a cute bubba. :D
I bet you're so excited!

Enjoy your day.


Anonymous said...

Awww! Bet you cant wait to hold "him" (i too am guessing a boy!)!

Hope all goes well for the rest of the pregnancy!

Maz xx

Donna said...

What a littel angel you have there - growing and growing in his peaceful little world.
All the best fora safe and happy pregnancy Nic - beautiful photo. XD

Binxcat1 said...

oooo HOW EXCITEMENT... now I remember a comment... about 9 months ago now... about how there wasn't any room left in the commodore... LOL CONGRATS... hope you are feeling better really soon.

Alana said...

Hope you feel better soon, there is nothing worse then the whole family ill! rest up...Alana xx

Louise said...

Oooh Nicole how wonderful for you!!!

Im doing the Diva Oz dash, waving hello from SA, Lou :)x

Lisa said...

oh wow! how very exciting for you! i don't know if i could go without knowing the sex...good for you! glad things are going well :)) can't wait to see pics of the new little one!