Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Scrappy Update

These are Charlotte's pages, she's a little addicted now, wants to scrap everyday. Yep did them all herself too. Painted, glittered, and stuck everything that way she wanted, all she wanted me to do was hold the tulle while she stapled it.
Blogger hates me, no matter how many times I try to upload this page it ends up on it side.

This was for the first round of the Becky Fleck Challenge at Scrapbook Capital

another blogger hater,

Photo Update

Sleepy girl

Mud is good, mud is really good

They had such fun cooking last week

Has to be like me. :)

Don't know why this is here but yeah this is my card stash

cows at home

Kids just playing in the yard, Charlotte has her own clothes line


Belinda Venables said...

Someone's been a busy little scrapper!
Fabbo layouts as usual!

Miss Charlotte - you are as clever as mummy...:D

I just adore your pics too Nic.
Love the one where your little man is checking out his Too cute!


miasmummy said...

Charlotte's LO's rock, a future scrapper right there! Mia has no idea how to scrap! xx

Veronica said...

looks like you had a great day!!

scrappolina said...

Beutiful LO's and your doughter is really a gifted scrapper too!

Ruby Claire. said...

OMG your kids are the SUTEST!
Your photography is just AWESOME!
Your LOs are Amazing.
And your darling Charlotte scraps just like her mum! :)
Luvvin your blog atm! xx

scrapbook CAPITAL said...

love the layouts even if they are on their and the kids photos are great.... i especially love the photos of zac in the back yard and charlotte at the clothes line... stunning photos

scrapwitch said...

super layouts char!!!!!!!!!!!
tour shots are devine ,and i do have to say that peaceful moment layouts is addicted to trees atm ..cant get enough and want to use them on everything