Sunday, 25 May 2008

Diva's Cyber Crop

Just a quick one to show what I finished for the Scrapbook Divas Cyber Crop This weekend. Was very cool and if you get in quick you have until midnight MONDAY to have your entries in. Just Think SAME BUT DIFFERENT. See if you can pick up what is the same in my pages, if anyone gets it, I'll send them a RAK. Thankfully I managed a really really good nights sleep on Friday night, woke up Saturday sniffly but not sore throat, think the combination of panadol and lemon and honey cured that one.

So anyway onto my work.
I don't know why this page is rotated and I'm too buggered to change it, just turn your head people.



Anthea said...

hmmm it wouldnt be that you have a line of paper/photos going down the left of the LO???

they are gorgeous Nic!

Belinda Venables said...

Ok - I'll say that you have used the same sketch for all three layouts. that right? lol

Love them by the way and I was a little confused when I seen the middle one until I read what you had written about turning our

Glad to hear that you're feeling better.


Ruby Claire. said...

OMIIGAWWSHHh amazing work here!
Love everything you do Nicole!

Ann Lederhose said...

Ow! I kinked my neck looking at your sideways layout! LOL nah, only joking. hehe
Glad all is ok with the belly :)
Its bout time we all had another scrap session isn't it. Haven't seen Lauren for ages. Must drop her an email. :)

Felicity said...

hey Nic...
I am saying same sketch too!!
Beautiful LO's... LOL about the one on the side!!

scrapwitch said...

that pioece is gooooorgeous nic......
thanks ever so much for helping me out with the embellished order.....

i cant wait to get some new special goodies