Monday, 3 March 2008

Rain from a few weeks back, was awesome to see all this water.
Charlotte loved it, kicking and splashing like the mad women she is.

Helping mum make banana cake. Don't know what I'm going to do when there is three mouths.

LOVE this photo.

Playing down at the Gladstone Marina

Baby crying
Such gorgeous gorgeous eyes.

Last crawling photo.
Cute little feet.

Had my scan last week, and found out that I'm not a far as I thought. Right now I'm only 9 weeks. It'll go quickly enough. Still sick and tired, but I've started back on my vitamins and they seem to be working already. Also got some morning sickness tablets and they are awesome.

Our biggest news is that Zac has started walking, finally. Thinks his so clever too. Biggest grins. Will have to try and get some good piccies of him struting around. They both also had haircuts today, first for each, and surprisingly they were both really good. I was surprised.

Luke started his new job and seems to love it, glad he's rid of all the dicks he was working with.

Other than that I've been to a crop for the past couple of weekends, the first one was a Lauren's, with Julie and Ann, not very productive but heaps of talking, laughter and glorious food. Lauren your an awesome cook, delish, totally delish.

The second was at Embellished. Me and Mum went up was heaps of fun, a little more productive this time, got a single and nearly a double finished. So was happy with that effort. Mum on the other hand, churned them out finished three singles. This is incredible seeing as she rarely gets the time to do one page a fortnight. Thinking that we should go up every month. Would be excellent for mum anyway. and I need a few nights to myself before being attached again, LOL.

Bestest news is that I've found out that a few friends are pregnant too all due between August and November. BUT the awesomest news of all is that one of them is due only 9 days before me. Although I'm not letting the name slip. Will wait for her to announce that. hehehehe

So that's about all. Well really I can't think of anything else and Charlotte just found my packet of twisties and I need to steal them back off her.

Love to everyone one



AngC said...

Those photos are gorgeous Nicole!! And how cool is it that Zac is walking now!

I think coming up for all the crops is a fantastic idea - it will give us a chance to catch up.

And way to go Lorraine!!

Ali said...

those photos are adorable nicole- baby got blue eyes!!! cute! Sounds like you've been busy- im missing out on two crops this week due to other events- bugger! Just a question- may SIL (to be) is pregnant and I was wondering what the vitamins your taking and morning sickness tablets are- just to see if she knows about em?
cheers Ali

Lisa said...

lovely photo's! you have a beautiful family!! :)

i wanted to thank you again for the awesome package you sent!! and for no reason! you are just the best!! :))

Julie H said...

YAYYYY to Zach on walking!! Clever boy!!
Love your pix here Nic - always enjoy seeing them.

Julie xx

Terri H said...

I have tagged you hunny.

AWESOME news that Zach is walking! Clever little man.