Friday, 12 October 2007


Well, havent' been on here for awhile

Charlotte's nearly toilet trained. Only started this week, told her that there were no more nappies. had quite a few accidents on Monday, but since then probably one or two a day. Takes herself to the toilet, comes and tells me when shes finished, tips it in the loo and flushes all herself. only thing I have to help her with is washing her hands. Aboslutely cannot believe how easy she has been to do this.

luke got his bike on Monday too, hasn't had his butt off it since then, got some good snaps will show when i've got more net time.

zac's scooting around on his bottom, really don't think he will ever crawl. just not interested.

have been scrapping up a storm, again will show later too. and have had alot of acceptances in the past week its not funny. I think I'm up to nine. yeah huge number. LOL. Now how many acceptances has the gorgeous Julie H had ummmmm 50+. but Jules is an absolute scrapping legand. check her out (link on the side)

completed my entry for a DT call at Scrapbook Capital too, only a newly formed Forum with shop, stop over a have a look. fantastic girls, all friendly and extremely talented.

and on the last note. my aunt that has been terribly sick, well she passed away yesterday (Thursday) so I probably won't be around for a wee bit longer, yet.

So that's about all.

Take care and love to everyone



RubyRox said...

:O NO NAPPY!! I hated that time!1 Sounds like shes coping well!! :)
Anyway have a great day and im sorry to hear about your Aunt :( Thinking of you and your family

Ali said...

Hi nicole,
Sorry to hear of your loss this last week. Thinking of you!

Glad things went so smoothly toilet training Charlotte. Luke is toilet trained at daycare but refuses to do it at home...go figure??
Have fun in Gladstone scrapping on Saturday! Should be fun!
Chat soon
Ali x

Julie said...

Awesome work with the potty training!! She has definetly picked it up quick.
Congrats on the layout acceptances and goodluck too with the DT callup. Looking forward to the meet up this Saturday.

Sorry to hear about your Aunt Nicole. Take care and will be thinking of you and your family.

Jodie said...

hey nic, sorry to hear about your aunt, im here if u wanna chat :)