Thursday, 30 August 2007

Tag I'm It

Been tagged by the gorgeous and extremely talented Beth
Now I tag
gorgeous Jodie
inspirational Scrapwitch - Lisa
photoswap buddy MadameCupcake - Lisa
devine Lucy
my fantastic challenge partner Terri


scrapwitch said...

thanks nic...but boy thats one ugly tag....sorry .looks like my grannys talcum powder container....
and whats nice MATTERS???
do you think its some korean typo??? should it be nice manners...or am i so out of the loop that i dont undersatand what nice matters means..??!!!!!
help me i feel lost

Lisa said...

yep i'm lost too...haha! thanks so much for the tag though, i've never been tagged before! so what do we do?? just tag others?

Terri H said...

Thanks for the tag Nic!!!

The Nice Matter Award is given to those who are nice to others. Making it known that being nice matters. I only know this cos I saw it on another blog LMAO I am such a nerd!!