Tuesday, 21 August 2007

photo #38 and more pages.....................

Had to edit, just didn't like this pic
look better as a pinky/purple and green monster
than a white and blue one.......

Another 6x12, something quick and quirky

Weekly challenge for Scrapbook Fantasties
Lime green and Grey
and in other news
little man has cut his first tooth.
second is not far behind either
he's also standing up holding on to furniture
crawls backwards or I should say drags himself backwards
says Mum, Dad, Nan, Pa, and dog
is weighing 9.6kg
and is nearly 8 months old.
Charlotte is drawing more
creating more
talking more, you can have a conversation with her now
loves to eat bread and butter for breakfast
sort of sometimes going to the toilet, suppose it will happen oneday
loves to make mud
loves to brush her teeth
and feed her dolls
and give the best ever hugs and kisses
also had a package from SM turn up yesterday
will have to upload a pic
just a paper pack
but I love the papers.