Thursday, 16 August 2007

Been Tagged AGAIN

by Tracey another photo challenge participant

Ok 8 Random Facts

1. going from my photo's - I chew the inside of my lip, at the moment it is so bad that I have a big lump and I keep biting it when I eat. Must must must stop that

2. i'm the biggest chocoholic going, just as long as it's great quality chocolate. not that nasty cheap stuff they sell at Easter

3. i'm don't have a religion, and have only been in a church for weddings and funerals.

4. originally we were going to call the kids Claire Joyce and Adam James, last minute changes when they arrived. Charlotte was going to be Adam if she was a boy, no matter what.

5. i really would love to be a fighter pilot, bit late now I have kids

6. my first pub is going to be in SM Vol9 No7 and I've apparently got 2 pages in there.

7. i am totally s**t scared of snakes, doesn't matter what size, will shake and get really panicy

8. i am saving up to get a new camera, just like everyone else, a canon.

anyone who feels like doing this go for you life.

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